Ebook “Sales Decline?” Please…

by John Robert Marlow
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We’ve all seen the Chicken-Little headlines—some of them in quite prominent publications—lamenting the impending doom of ebooks. But is the sky really falling?

Somewhere after the clickbait headline, these articles invariably state (somewhere) something like this: “…the latest sales numbers from leading publishers show a decline in e-books…” Well, sure—because their ebooks (depicted in purple in the authorearnings graphic at left) are drastically overpriced, and the indie/self-pubbed ebooks (depicted in blue) continue to gain ground with readers, pushing Big Pub’s figures ever lower. The basic proposition—that ebook sales are declining—is false. Read more…

Read the Book (Free Chapters and Contributor Bios)

by John Robert Marlow
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Free book chapters—plus credits list for contributors (authors, screenwriters, producers, directors, publishers, entertainment attorneys and more) whose films have collectively earned over $50 billion worldwide. Click here to visit the Book Page.

Blog Reloaded: May, 2012

by John Robert Marlow

The Make Your Story a Movie blog will pick up again next month (May, 2012). I’ve been busy on both coasts: there’s a new book coming (based on this blog), along with a ton of of new material (including scads of interviews)—and news of an adaptation deal where I wrote the action spec and will executive produce the movie. More soon