by John Robert Marlow

Make Your Story a Movie.com is for those who want to adapt stories from other mediums into film. This includes novels and nonfiction books, true-life stories, myths and legends, comics, historical events, short films, video games—anything that can be made into a movie.

Instead of focusing exclusively on “what the stars are doing,” the MYSAM blog will bring you articles and interviews featuring adaptation-specific experience and advice from authors, artists, screenwriters, producers, directors, rights-holders, entertainment attorneys and others. This information is free to all.


As writers, we believe that books and other stories are wonderful. We also believe that characters come to life on the screen in a way that’s just not possible anywhere else.

Make no mistake: a good book can move the reader. But the very act of reading is both solitary and intellectual: the reader must interpret the words, form mental images to go with them, and put it all together on every page. Different readers “see” the story in different ways. Many will imagine characters and events in ways the author didn’t intend.

Movies are visceral, emotional. The viewer sees and hears every character, event, and nuance precisely as intended. Every viewer sees the same story, often in the company of others. A good movie is a shared emotional experience. That’s why people who don’t read books still watch movies. It’s why people who are unable to read books still enjoy movies. And it’s why, despite a faltering economy, movie revenues are going up—while book sales are dropping.

There’s a reason people say a book or other story is “brought to life” on the screen. Pages are static; movies are dynamic: we see, hear, and feel the characters and their story. And advancing technology makes it possible to put almost anything we can imagine on the screen.

Humans have always been storytellers. Whether gathered around a campfire, painting on cave walls or, later, writing words on dead trees and glowing screens—it’s in our blood. A book is a noble undertaking, capable of reaching tens, even hundreds of thousands of people.

But movies are the global campfires of our time.

They reach millions, sometimes hundreds of millions of people, all over the world. On those few occasions where book sales reach this level, they do so with the aid of movies based on the books.

Ultimately, we believe that for your characters to truly come to life, for your story to touch the greatest number of people—you need a movie: long or short, feature, tv or streaming series. And every movie starts with a blueprint: the screenplay.

That’s the service side of what we do: evaluate stories for screen potential, help make stories more Hollywood-friendly—and turn stories into screenplays.

Giving you (and Hollywood) a blueprint for your movie.