Make Your Story A Movie: Chapters 1-3

by John Robert Marlow


The original MYSAM (Make Your Story A Movie) book was traditionally published by Macmillan/St. Martin’s Griffin in 2012. What you’re reading now is a sort of v1.5, partially updated while I work on MYSAM v2.0, which will feature expanded coverage, including information on digital/streaming and series, which are far more important now than they were when MYSAM first appeared. This version 1.5 may go offline when v2.0 comes out.

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“Looking back,” says Rex Pickett, author of the novel Sideways, “I wish I hadn’t taken the measly $5,000 advance from the publisher. Had I waited until the film was released, I’m told the book would have sold for $1,000,000.”

Rex divides his life into before-and-after episodes. “Before the movie, I was nobody. My life was complete shit. The day the movie went into production, I made $300,000. Suddenly everybody wanted something, and I had four agents working for me.” Read more…