Site Updates

We’re Back

by John Robert Marlow

We’re back. Things have been slow around here lately, for several reasons. I’ve been researching the heck out of indie publishing because that’s how I want to go with the second edition of the MYSAM (Make Your Story A Movie) book—and with an upcoming sci-fi series I’m working on…

The blog was hijacked by a plugin that turned malicious and (for reasons unknown) insisted on establishing a connection to an IP address in Bulgaria. (Really.) I had no clue, but someone over there caught on and took the IP down. Which meant the plugin could no longer connect to its IP of choice—but kept trying. Which, in turn, caused a permanent timeout error and prevented anyone and everyone from visiting this website. Including me. Which, not surprisingly, brought the problem to my attention…

My host said I’d have to wipe the blog and start over. I didn’t really care for that answer, so I kind of sneaked in the back way and slew the Bulgarian. And, so…we’re back! “We” being me, Jacqueline, and faithful office mascots Gatsby and Daisy. (Meet the whole menagerie on the Bio Page.)

A few things from the “old” blog have been moved around, but it’s all here (or will be soon). And here are some of the new things you can expect to see starting in June, 2021…

  • The entire first edition of the Make Your Story A Movie book, lightly revised and posted here in several installments.
  • Craft-focused articles on fiction and nonfiction (books and screenplays).
  • Interviews with authors, screenwriters, directors, producers etc. (As I get to them; this may take a while, as the interviews need to be transcribed.)
  • An updated list of the Top 100 Highest-Grossing Movie Adaptations of all time. (This may be the last such list for a while, as COVID has severely altered the once-easily-trackable box office landscape.)
  • An email list with advance and exclusive subscriber-only content.

Hope you like the renovations!

P.S.—I’m aware of the double-images issue and am trying to track it down now…